Install on second computer?

I have the paid version. Can I install it on more than one computer? I just have alot of files backed up and my second computer is considerably more powerful. Intel I9 64gigs ram 1TB ssd Nvidia Geoforce RTX 2060 Super
I just thought if I added Mcebuddy it would quickly take up the slack

Each license allows you to install the engine on a single computer. If you want to run it on a second computer, you’ll need to buy another license or uninstall from your current computer.

Personally, I bought another license. I had a lot of files to process and adding my second more powerful desktop helped me rip right through the queue. Plus, I didn’t mind give additional money to support this product. You can then use the remote client install to connect to the secondary computer and control most aspects of its configuration.

Actually the remote would be the other computer

I suppose it’s all relative. Regardless, you can mostly control both engines from one computer using the remote client.

I dont see how the remote client could work for both the remote machine and the local one without switching out the Ip address to access it. Maybe you can install the second one and turn on remote client access then set it’s local IP address for remote access but then how would the remote client react. Which one would have priority?

I apologize, I am not conveying this properly. I mean to state that you can control both engines from 1 computer. If that computer has the engine installed by using the local client for the local engine and the remote client connected to the secondary computer engine.

You could also extract the remote client into different folders (no need for an install) and have each one target a different remote engine thereby monitoring multiple remote (headless) engines from a single computer.

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