Help with Custom Profile

I posted this in General and didn’t get much feedback. I think my main issue is this: preset=“H.265 MKV 720p30”
How do I pass that through to MCE? I’ve tried various methods, and can’t get it to work.

Longtime Mythtv user here, just recently trying to make the move to Plex / MCEBuddy. I’ve been using a script in Linux to encode recordings after removing commercials, and haven’t been able to find the same functionality in MCEBuddy. The only reasonably close option from the encoding drop down is x264 normal. I want to encode using x265 with specific parameters. How can I do this in the MCEBuddy software?

nice HandBrakeCLI -i “$1.tmp” -o “/myth/HDD-1/videos/$4/$2 - S$season"Ep”$episode - $3.mkv" --preset=“H.265 MKV 720p30” -q 19 -a 1 -E copy --audio-copy-mask ac3 --audio-fallback ac3 -B 320 -6 5point1 --x265-preset medium deblock=-1:-1 >/dev/null 2>&1

If you don’t want MCEBuddy to make any adjustments to your video parameters try using the handbrake-VideoOptimized directive in your profile. See here for details: MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

Thanks, maybe that’s what the problem is. I’ll give that a try.