Having trouble removing ads without encoding


I am trying to remove ads from an episode of family guy i got using playon from my hulu account.

the issue im having is after it encodes it to a mp4 at 1920, the episode looks fuzzy during movement of the characters.

this slight fuzz is not there in the original 720 playon file.

the ad removal works great and i was wondering if i can by pass the encoding part? afterall its not changing the format, its going from mp4 to mp4 so its pointless.

now, i am using the free trial as i needed to know if it would do what it was said to do, and is it because im trying to encode a 720 to a 1920?

any advice would be very helpful before i start the long process of trying to remove the ads from my dvr recordings. thank you in advance

(Goose) #2

Use the Unprocessed profiles, it retains the original video and audio without recoding.