Disable metadata extraction

Hi! been using your product for a couple of years now and love how configurable everything is which makes my tv library exactly the way I want it without worrying about having to constantly tweak files manually.
One small issue that came up is that my Fios tv is broadcasting the Talking Dead with the wrong meta data information, it’s listing the wrong Seasons and MCEbuddy is renaming this show incorrectly because of it. What I usually do is grab the nfo file that MCEbuddy creates and then reconvert it after changing the nfo with the correct info. Considering that MCEbuddy can download metadata from the internet by looking at the filename if it the recording doesn’t have meta data, is there an option to disable meta data extraction or configure metadata from filename that overrides metadata extraction?

The way MCEBuddy is designed, metadata is taken the following order:

  1. Parse Filename for metadata
  2. Overwritten by embedded metadata
  3. Overwritten by NFO metadata
  4. Supplemented by Internet downloads (or replace if option is selected in the Metadata Corrections page)

You can’t disable metadata extraction but if you have your own NFO file it will overwrite any extracted metadata (consider it a manual override option).

There is also a metadata correction page, have you tried using that?

I currently let MCEbuddy make the NFO file and then I reconvert the file after fixing the meta data in the NFO. I also tried metadata correction page without the nfo and for some reason it does update the correct info except for the correct Season. The embedded metadata which is incorrect, seems to be causing this. If there’s no option to disable embedded metadata, is there a way to have MCEbuddy overwrite by parsing filename? This way, all I need to do is change the filename instead of using an NFO.

Can you attach the conversion log, let me take a look at what’s going on here. This was designed to do this so it should be working if configured right.

Talking Dead S07E26 20171001 [20171002-0201].mpg-rawedl-2017-10-01T23-05-38.6419100-04-00.log (1.1 MB)

Notice that the file and meta data will find the correct information but the season is wrong. Season 7 will not start until later this year

According to your log the metadata correction is working just fine, it’s updating the TVDB ID and IMDB ID’s:

2017-10-01T23:05:51 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> More than one metadata correction options detected or default title matching detected, matched Original Title -> Talking Dead, Series forcing TVDB -> 252861, IMDB -> tt2089467

Your Season information as you pointed out is incorrect in the embedded metadata and the only way to correct that is to use a NFO file at this time as per the current priority of the metadata extraction:

You appear to be using HDHR files, why not report it back to SiliconDust and have the original metadata corrected instead of trying to work around it?

I wasn’t sure if the HDHR was causing the embedded metadata issue I assumed Fios was broadcasting the wrong data. Thanks for verifying the parsing order. Using the modified nfo was the only thing that worked for me.