I have been playing with the deinterlacing since some stations are interlaced and some are progressive. i have 2 custom profiles, one that deinterlaces certain programs ie. 29.97 interlaced , and one that process progressive programs ir. 59.94 progressive.

I have changed the deinterlace profile to bwdif (doubling the frame rate for 29.97) which looks great, but cant figure out how to do it in one profile for all programs. I tried autodeinterlace=true, but it just adds yadif into the commands

Replacing user specified parameters
2020-01-26T16:24:57 MCEBuddy.Transcode.ConvertWithFfmpeg --> Command line parameters -> -threads 0 -y -i “D:\MCEBUDDYTEMP\working0\Murdoch9.ts” -ss 1 -vf yadif=0:-1:1,bwdif,hqdn3d,scale=‘min(1280,iw)’:-1 -vcodec hevc_nvenc -preset slow -rc vbr_hq -b:v 5000000 -maxrate:v 9000k -bufsize:v 9000k -acodec ac3 -ab 224k -map 0:1 -map 0:0 -ac 6 -pass n -passlogfile “D:\MCEBUDDYTEMP\working0\MCEBuddy2Pass.log” “D:\MCEBUDDYTEMP\working0\Murdoch9-converted.mkv”
Is there a way to change the deinterlacer in the program to bwdif instead of yadif, or change the values of yadif to yadif=1:-1:1?

Thanks for any help

Looks like you want to specify a custom ffmpeg-video parameter line in the profile, try adding the ffmpeg-VideoOptimized=true parameter to the profile to have MCEBuddy not make any adjustments to the video parameter line.

See this topic for a more detailed explanation: MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

I do have Video optimized true. The problem is when I have 59.94 progressive video it ends up being 119 fps. So want it to take out the deinterlacing completely for these progressive video but leave in in deinterlaced. If I specify video optimized true then all videos are deinterlaced with my settings

If the broadcasts are consistently progressive (540p SD or 720p HD) or interlaced (360i SD, 1080i HD) by channel, you can use the channel filter to use the correct profile.

However, what you are doing is forced upscaling (turning 360i into 720p, or 540i into 1080p). I believe you are better off leaving that to the viewer’s TV which has dedicated upscaling logic far better and adapative to the content than you’ll ever get with one-size fits all forced profile tweaking, especially with the advent of commonplace 4K TVs and (soon) ATSC3. If you get the tweak parameters wrong, you’ve hosed the video for all viewers and their TV cannot help fix what you’ve done.

In short, let your TV do the upscaling. If it is particular shows, such as animation, then setup profiles for those shows that deinterlace (and sometimes convert between 24fps and TV’s 30fps, aka “telecine”).

I did try channels but sometimes they can’t find the show. I’m not upscaling just trying to send frame rate of 29.97i to 59.94p and keep 59.94p at 59.94p. I can do it with 2 profiles with perfect results but if I add a show I have to go back in settings and add it and. If I’m streaming or saving to phone I have to wait for it. Looking for an overall solution for all recordings

You’re confusing frame rate with interlacing/progressive display.

“filling in” the two separate interlaced frames does not mean you are getting the image faster, i.e. a magical faster frames per second. If anything, it means you are getting the full image HALF the frame rate as a full progressive scan. You need to collect TWO frames at 30fps to combine into a single full progressive frame, which would be at 15fps, not double at 60fps.

Also, deinterlacing is used only to “smooth” movement of edges - because the second frame of the interlaced image was taken later than thr first and stuff moved in the scene. This is especially noticable in animation, which has hard shape outlines that move over time, like a flip book.

Creating more “snapshots” of the original “missing” parts of an interlaced video cannot make it sharper or better with detail. It can decomb interlace artifacts, but your TV already has dedicated chips to do exactly that in real time and to upscale to 4k. Far better than you could ever individually tweak for each show you record.

It is hard to make MCE Buddy do what you are asking because that’s not how video works.