Creating HandBrakeCli Profile with JSON input

Hey everybody, been toying around with setting up a MCEBuddy Profile relying on HandBrakeCli using a JSON preset configuration to setup the encoder with the specific settings I want.

The profile I have been testing with looks like this:

[Handbrake Cli 1.2.0 JSON Testing]
Description=nVidia HEVC (H265) JSON Input Testing
handbrake-general=–preset-import-file E:\Configuration\HandBrake\Handbrake_H265_Q17_Yadif.json -Z “H265 DVD Convertion”

Alas this fails though it works when thrown into the regular command line for HandBrakeCli.exe with the -i -o parameters, anyone got any experience applying JSON’s as the source for the encoding in MCEBuddy?

MCEBuddy expects to see an encoder and bitrate in the video command line. If you want to use custom JSON profiles then you need to instruct MCEBuddy to not run any safety checks and automatic adjustments for the video and audio parameters.

You would probably need to use these in your profile:


See this topic for more details on how it works.

I’m attempting to do the same thing, and am also struggling.

I’ve added the handbrake optimized entries, but mcebuddy still craps out.

The optimized flag was the right way to go.

Can you attach the conversion log and also a copy of a JSON file. Is it working via the command line directly?

not “log worthy”…

Wanted to play with some new settings that i already had a profile for in handbrake, so i figured i would take the easy way out. Ended up making a proper profile instead.

That said, it would be nice to see a clear copy/pasta example of what a profile like this would look like, mostly so i can double check the syntax etc. Can you post a sample when you get a chance ?

Here is my code, just replace the presetname.json with your preset name (don’t forget to move the preset into the handbrake-cli folder!)

[Handbrake Preset]
Description=Utilizes a Handbrake GUI built preset
handbrake-general=–preset-import-file PRESETNAME.json
handbrake-audio=-E faac -R auto -B 128-D 0
handbrake-audioac3=-E faac -R auto -B 384 -D 0