AMD AMF/VCE hardware acceleration

We have a new version of the AMD capability detection tool. The tool itself is already included with MCEBuddy but we’re looking to replace the existing tool with this new version in the next release. This tool tells MCEBuddy the capabilities of the AMD graphics card/graphics driver to take advantage of hardware encoding, decoding, filters, pre/post processing acceleration etc. The new version supports multiple AMD graphics cards and also newer capabilities (codecs, filters etc).

We are looking for folks with AMD graphics card to test it out and send us the logs so we can optimize the conversions to take advantage of the latest acceleration features available with the latest AMD drivers/hardware.

If you have an AMD graphics card please download this tool from the from our server’s community resources folder:

Save it to any folder (e.g. desktop). Open a command prompt and run this command (in the directory where you place the downloaded file)

AMDQuery.exe >amd.txt

This is generate a text file called amd.txt which will contain technical information the graphic card/graphics driver capabilities that MCEBuddy can use. It does not need administrative right to run nor does it collect any personal information, nothing other than graphics card/driver capabilities. Feel free to inspect the text file.

Once it’s done please either attach the text file (please attach, don’t copy paste because we also need to analyze the output format including whitespaces) here along with the name of your graphics card/CPU or feel free to DM me if you’re comfortable sharing it privately.

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I have an ancient AMD card (5450) - how current do you care about?

All cards are welcome - help us calibrate and optimize across generations.

amd.txt (14.6 KB)

My processor is an AMD Ryzen 5600G with no graphics card. My amd.txt file gave me one error.

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Thanks, that was helpful. Try out today’s 2.6.3 beta build. It should improve detection of your AMD encoder capabilities and consequently the speed of the conversions should also improve.