Playon/mcebuddy combo


Anyone converting video with Playon and then permanently removing commercials with mcebuddy? Any suggestions for ideal settings as it is not working very well for me.


(RBoy) #2

Commercial removal settings depend on the channel and your provider, not the recorder.

See the section on how to tweak comskip settings.


(John Dugger) #3

Actually, PlayOn includes chapter markers that mark the beginning and end of each advertisement. You should use the following settings to have MCEBuddy automatically chop at those markers:

Profile: MP4 Unprocessed
Ad remover: Yes (Use markers)

Then, under Advanced Settings -> Expert Settings:
Check chapters for Ad markers: checked

That will rapidly and without loss of quality remove the commercials that PlayOn has already marked. Always check the recording after you’ve removed commercials as sometimes PlayOn may miss marking a commercial; however, it’s much more reliable than using comskip to try to detect the commercials since PlayOn’s commercial detection occurs during the streaming processes and is based on recognizing a change in the video source.

Hope this helps!

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Replicated steps exactly, but does not work for me.



These are good instructions, but I found that I also needed to go to Settings > General Settings > System Settings and change the Minimum Commercial Duration from the default of 20 to something smaller (I used 4 seconds). This is because some Hulu commercials are less than 20 seconds long, so they get left in by default. This works well if you only use MCEBuddy for this kind of commercial removal. However, if you are doing commercial detection using Comskip or ShowAnalyzer, this might cause the results to deteriorate. It would be nice if this setting could be specific to the Conversion Profile.

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