[FEATURE] Skip or adjust minimum segment size when using custom cuts edl file

(Larry Shepard) #1

I need to be able to cut segments smaller than you minimum. Is there a way I can adjust it when using custom cuts edl. Some of my segments are not being cut because segment size is to small.

[FEATURE] ConvertCutListToKeepList: Don't skip small segments when commercial cutting is disabled
(Goose) #2

The minimum segment size is about 25 seconds. Do you have an ad segment that’s less than 25 seconds?

(Larry Shepard) #3

yes, I’m cutting smaller segments from videos… I went back to an older version of MCEBuddy so I could continue doing that, but would like for your program to allow the user to adjust segment size so I can continue using the updated one.

(Goose) #4

What’s the smallest segment that you’re looking to cut?

(Larry Shepard) #5

5 or 6 seconds I suppose, I just thought it would be easier to give the end user the ability to set it. if not it’s not a problem, your older version works well for what I’m editing and I am willing to continue using it.

(Goose) #6

Added support to adjust the Minimum commercial segment size in today’s 2.4.9 BETA build in the Settings -> System Settings page