[FEATURE] MCEBuddy fails to recognize metadata embedded into mkv file

(Dwain Engel) #1

WARNING> 2017-08-14T20:48:08 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Unable to extract meta data from file \svr-vmh1.DWAIN.local\TVH\REC\Ghost Adventures-.mkv. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
2017-08-14T20:48:08 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Video Tags extracted ->

I can see the metadata when viewing the MKV file in VLC, it even shows the data in the log file. But for some reason I get the above error and then it fails to recognize any tags.

The recordings are being generated from TVHeadend as MKV, H.264/AC3.

I’m in Windows 10 Pro, on a VM. I have tried in Windows 7 Pro with the same issue. Any ideas?

I’m not sure where or how to upload the logs, but I have them.


(RBoy) #2

Can you upload the original MKV file to the MCEBuddy server for us to analyze:

The instructions are here:

(Dwain Engel) #3

OK, I uploaded the file and the log. It is in a folder called Dwain_Engel Upload. I believe the file and the log are from the same convert. I have been doing a lot of them. All of the conversions have the same issue,


(RBoy) #4

Thanks that was helpful, it would be great if you can upload a few more samples of different types (movies, tv shows, sports, news etc) and with additional metadata, series, episodes, recorded date time, premiere date, release date, actors, genres, ratings etc - we can solidify this.

They can be short samples, 10-20MB, we’re looking for different types metadata essentially to test with

(Dwain Engel) #5

OK, I will work on that tomorrow after regular work.

(Dwain Engel) #6

I uploaded some samples in a folder under my original upload “Dwain_Engel Upload” the folder is called “samples” there are several short recordings pre and post processing along with the logs.

(RBoy) #7

Thanks for reporting this, I’m going to move this to bug/feature enhancements. The MKV metadata section wasn’t complete hence you didn’t see it. We’ll add support for it in the next release.

(Dwain Engel) #8

OK, sounds good.

Is there a container that could work better in the meantime…

I may have to transcode the recordings before they are scanned by MCEBuddy. MKV is produced without transcoding in TVHeadend, to create an MP4 it may take too much power on my current VM layout and therefore limit the number of concurrent recordings. I am playing around with Handbrake to transcode the MKV into an MP4 without removing the metadata, that way MCEBuddy will hopefully still work as needed.

(RBoy) #9

If you want just reading support, you can use yesterday’s 2.4.8 BETA build, we’ve added support for reading MKV metadata.

If you want to write the metadata, you can use MP4 and use the MP4 Unprocessed profile to change the containers from MKV to MP4 with only a transcode operation.

(RBoy) #10

This has been implemented in today’s 2.4.8 BETA build. Try it out and let us know how it goes. Make sure you’re downloading today’s build. It now supports reading and writing MKV metadata.