[FEATURE] Custom Cuts

I’ve searched for a guide for custom cuts but haven’t found one and I’m running into a question about how it works. I use comskip manually prior to my conversions and generally edit the resulting edl file so I was interested when i saw custom cuts but it doesn’t seem to do what I want.
I open the video and the EDL gets loaded at the same time. So lets say I select row 2, I left click to have it move the slider and I adjust it as needed. I click the Start Cut and am expecting it to change the value in the row i’m in, but it doesn’t. Best I can figure is to remove the row and add a completely new one, but in doing so i lose the end cut location so it’s not worth it.
Is there some way to edit the values through the GUI that i’m not seeing? If I could make these minor tweaks and just save the resulting file it’d be perfect.

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This has been implemented in todays 2.5.3 BETA build, you can edit the cut selections manually.

Not sure it’s working, or at least not in the way I expected. First thing is kind of minor, but when I open the video, most of the time the first cut start is fine as 0.00, so I simply click on the Cut End, wait for the slider to move, then tweak it - but it won’t let me hit cut end because it seems like you have to do start first. Which I guess I could do.
Bigger issue though, so I move slider back to 0, hit start cut, then click on the cut end, wait for slider to move to current edl value, then tweak, but when I click the End Cut button I get a popup “Invalid End Cut - End of cut has to be after start cut” which it is, so not sure what the problem is. The table shows Cut Start as 0.00, Cut End as 00:01:23.980. I’m at the point where the End Cut button is enabled, and the slider has been moved to 00:03:12.988, but pressing the End Cut gives that popup. So the error message is wrong, since start is 0.

To change the cut, manually edit the cut timestamp by double clicking on the entry you want to cut.

Start and end only work in pairs to add new cuts, you need a start followed by the end. Any edits afterwards need to be done by editing the table of cuts manually.