[BUG] Idle CPU usage high in service

5% CPU usage at idle with the service not even running
15-20 at idle with the service running

This is an 8 core 9th gen i7 and it is chewing up 20% at idle?

Version is 2.5 Beta 5 (yes i can update but if there was nothing changed in relation to this i dont see the point currently)

I’m seeing the same thing. A thread dump of the offending thread in MCE Buddy using Sysinternals’ Process Explorer seems to show it is locked in some kind of network connection or DNS lookup (for something that won’t exist in DNS, like another process on localhost or another host on the internal LAN?). I get this unexplainedly high CPU usage in addition to “cannot connect to server”, and noted the details in another thread.

Now if only someone with insight into this would share some of it.

Try disabling the UPnP and Remote access features. It’s the windows/third party firewall that causes the problem.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve replicated the issue and isolated the root cause. It’s happening when the GUI client tries to determine of it’s running locally or on a remote machine (Windows ends up doing a DNS lookup for it’s hostname which is causing excessive CPU utilization). We’re working on a fix.

The CPU issue has been fixed in today 2.5.6 BETA release

Thanks bud, I’ll give it a go.

Can confirm fixed in 2.5.6 BETA from 2021-04-27.

Will have to disagree :\

I guess some improvement… Not averaging ~20 anymore but now 10-16 is where it fluxuates

Edit: After sitting there watching the process for a few minutes, there seems to be a pattern. It spikes and holds for a min or min/half and the falls off to nothing for about 10 seconds. Then repeats that over and over. So it seems it is trying to do something, times out, then retries a few seconds later?

Try running SysInternals Process Explorer (download direct from Microsoft.com) and copy/paste the thread stack from the thread eating CPU.

Yea I can if needed. Hoping the symptoms shine some light on the issue for em

I guess for now I’ll just kill the service & start it when there is a backlog. Kinda defeats the purpose but not when it’s eating usage like this.

I’m not seeing the service use any CPU when idle. Have you tried to disable the UPnP and firewall settings?

They where never enabled bud. I checked when you sent the screenshot and they where unchecked already.

I’m not able to replicate the issue here, are you monitoring any network folders?

It may help to use the tool mentioned by @mike808 to isolate where the exactly it’s spending it’s cpu time which may give pointers to the next steps