[BUG] GUI taking time to update when manually adding network files

MCEBuddy 2.5.2 64bit):

VM win10 64bit:

Summary of the problem or suggestion:

I run buddy in a win10 VM on a Qnap NAS
I also have buddy on a w10 desktop
My media is all on the NAS.

I remux and re-encode mkv to mp4.
Automatically this works well.

But when i drag (any number of ) files into buddy - nothing happens.
I then run services.msc and click restart MCEbuddy.
Buddy then disappears (closes)
I then reopen Buddy and all the previously dragged files are there!! (and running)

This happens on both the VM and desktop versions.

I assume this is the way it should work initially.
Is the restart clearing something?


Maybe the GUI’s taking time to updated while the engine is reading the network files metadata. If you wait long enough it’ll eventually update once the engine finishes reading the metadata. Try the latest 2.5.3 BETA build we’ve made some improvements to the GUI responsiveness when dealing with manually added network files (drag n drop)

Thanks for the fast reply.
Have updated to the latest beta and no change in updating speed!

It sounds like it’s just taking time to read the metadata. Does it eventually resume if left alone for a few minutes? (depending on how many files you’re dragging)

a dozen files took about 90 seconds.

I’m on 2.5.3 BETA and it seems to take a long time for MCEbuddy to invoke the manually added files also. Is there any way to manually invoke it from the cli other than restarting the service? If I wait it will eventually happen. I assume it is scanning the library for new media and doesn’t invoke the manual until the library scan is complete.