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How To Fix: Plex Shows 'Unknown' For Audio and/or Subtitle Tracks (4)

I’ve found that in many cases Plex will show ‘Unknown’ for the subtitle track or audio track as well. This is because the property value didn’t get set correctly in the .MKV file. Which I wrote a little script to fix. S…

Enabling the -wtvmpeg2 option in ccextractor (2)

Thanks to user Trayal: To anyone who is interested, I was able to get this to work through custom commands directly by adding the following to my profile in profiles.conf. CustomCommandPath="ccextractor\ccextractorwinf…

How to Enable DVB and Image Subtitle Extraction (2)

MCEBuddy 2.4.7 supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extraction and conversion for DVB and other Image based subtitles into a Text (SRT) subtitle format. While this capability is enabled automatically when Extract…

Adjusting Subtitles / Closed Captions sync after removing commercials (2)

Sometimes after cutting commercials in the final output file the subtitles/closed captions go out of sync with the audio. You can correct it by using this procedure. There are two types of sync issues: Constant offs…

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