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How to install a custom Comskip and get additional INI files (4)

Starting version 2.4.8 MCEBuddy now includes a unrestricted, hardware accelerated version of Comskip with support for additional file formats. Please continue to support the Comskip team for their work and you can downlo…

Extra XML files created when using ShowAnalyzer (3)

If you’re facing an issue with ShowAnalyzer creating unnecessary XML files in the output directory along with the converted file, use the following procedure to stop ShowAnalyzer from these creating XML files: Open the …

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Tuning Comskip and Custom Comskip INI's (Country / Channel specific) (2)

Tuning Comskip Commercial Detection COMSKIP PERFORMANCE NOTE: See this post for details on how to install a custom version of Comskip. Comskip can be fine tuned to better detect and cut commercials for each country/re…

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