Bugs / Feature Requests

[FEATURE] MCEBuddy fails to recognize metadata embedded into mkv file (11)
Add support for multiple conversion profiles and the ability to assign them to different tasks (14)
[FEATURE] Regular Expression to prevent commercial skipping (4)
[FEATURE] Create a User Profile File that can be used in addition to the delivered Profile.CONF (1)
[FEATURE] Move Scheduling to the Task level (1)
[BUG] Subtitles failure cause entire conversion to fail (8)
[FEATURE] ConvertCutListToKeepList: Don't skip small segments when commercial cutting is disabled (2)
[FEATURE] Override Archive/Delete settings within Conversion Task (3)
[FEATURE] Separating chapter marks and subtitles options (2)
[FEATURE] History of Converted Files - Column Widths (3)
[FEATURE] Please add 'duration' to Custom Commands variable (1)
[FEATURE] Remove Commercials only if Ad Markers or EDL File exists (2)
[SOLVED] Donator comskip 0.80.038 has command line argument change preventing commercial detection (2)
[BUG] H.265 encoding supported available -> False (17)
[FEATURE] Create multiple schedules (1)
[BUG] Parse show title and date from filename for Emby files (12)
[FEATURE] CustomCuts - Remove window aspect ratio allowing window to be elongated (2)
[FEATURE] CustomCuts - Remove message boxes with confirmations & EDL & EML into one button (2)
[FEATURE] Add api support (1)
[FEATURE] Remove Empty Folders When Moving Original Archive File (3)
[BUG] Custom Cuts "Fails to Load Media File" (16)
[BUG] Handbrake CLI bundled with latest 2.4.7 (July) has memory leak (13)
[FEATURE] Codec selection filter for Conversion Task (10)
[FEATURE] Remote Client "Add" Feature Doesn't Make Sense As-is (5)
[FEATURE] MCEBuddy.CustomCutsGUI - Mute checkbox (2)
[FEATURE] Using Remote Client - don't allow local paths (5)
[BUG] Date-based Season Shows Metadata Mangled by MCEBuddy (4)
[FEATURE] Add support for scheduler to stop after current conversion (1)
[FEATURE] Add support for TVMaze (1)
[FEATURE] Web-based Status GUI or API (1)